Interactive Dog Toys

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  • JW Hol-ee Treat Ball

    JW Hol-ee Treat Ball

    The JW Pet Hol-ee Treat Ball Dog Toy is a perfect boredom breaker or fetch toy. It is made with durable natural non-toxic rubber to ensure hours and hours of fun!
  • JW Hol-ee Wobbler

    JW Hol-ee Wobbler

    The JW Hol-ee Roller Wobbler dog toy is a two in one dog toy. It can be used as a fetch toy or treat dispenser. Whatever you choose to use it for, it will keep your dog entertained for hours!
  • The Whistler

    The Whistler

    The Chuckit Whistler ball whistles during flight, the holes in this high bouncing rubber ball are what produces a whistle noise as air passes through keeping your dog interested. Made of natural rubber, it's easy to clean.
  • Tuffy Ultimate Bone

    Tuffy Ultimate Bone

    The Ultimate Tuffy Bone is great for fetch & tug games. As with All Tuffy toys it Floats in water, and is machine washable, (air dry). Includes 3 squeakers

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys - these Interactive Dog toys are perfect to teach your dog to play, learn and be rewarded.  You can stuff these toys with kibble, treats, cheese, peanut butter or whatever your dog will go mad for.  Then sit back and relax as he works out how to get the treats out, keeping him amused for hours!

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